Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Why flickr is such a definitive step forward

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Digital photography is compelling for any number of reasons, but just about all of the sundry "photo album" sites have been kind of lacking (I don't even remember the password to get back into half of the albums I've left hanging around in various dark corners of the internet. Flickr combines all of the expected niceties of a modern, internet enabled photo album, with the dynamic character and unpredictability that comes from social software architecture -- and it seems to be an effective conceptual "twist" that makes digital albums as compelling as digital photography has turned out to be.

If course, it also provides an ideal platform for integration with blogs and other syndicated content -- an ideal publishing medium that can now be leveraged with one's unlimited supply of personal digital image content. Feeds for my Flickr PhotoStreams: RSS 2.0 Atom

Monday, January 03, 2005

"HitMaps" are one-up on the old-fashioned Hit-Counters

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The HitMap project, essentially a combination of Geo-encoded URL semantics with a nice clustering algorithm, is one of the more mundane projects going on at The Open University in the UK. There are a very wide variety of SemanticWeb and Social Software projects under way, many of which seem to be producing tangible results. The reasearch is a component of the BuddySpace projects, hosted by the Knowledge Media Institute group. Really fun stuff.